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  • 【Slimming Instrument】Radio frequency body shaping instrument, preventive body shape management, adopts EMS+RF radio frequency technology, which can increase body metabolism and promote collagen strengthening and production.
  • 【SLIM +RF Balance Mode Technology】 Radio frequency can help skin tightening, reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin, The technique induces tissue remodeling and production of new collagen and elastic.
  • 【Multiple Modes】Four skin care modes (EMS fitness mode/SLIM body shaping mode/RF radio frequency mode/SLIM+RF combination mode) meet the actual needs of different groups of people.
  • 【Deep Massage Skin】Deep massage the skin, relieve muscle fatigue, tighten and lift the skin, burn fat, promote the skin to absorb nutrients, and create a light body.
  • 【4-color Phototherapy】Blue light - inhibits acne and purifies skin; Green light-calms skin, balances and tightens; Red light-accelerates circulation, energizes and rejuvenates the skin; Purple light - inhibits bacteria and eliminates toxins.
Overview4-color Phototherapy

Red Light: it can effectively penetrate into deep skin, revitalize collagen, remove darkness and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Blue Light: it can promote the synthesis of collagen, activate the skin, tighten up loose skin, narrow pores, and perfect significantly oily skin, sensitive skin, and acne prone skin.

Green Light: it can be improve cells'alternative function of oxygen utilization, facilitate skin microcirculation, accelerate lymph circulation and reduce edema, and calm the skin to a stable condition.

Purple Light: combining two luminous energies, it is a two frequency light of red light and blue light, it has the effect of inhibiting bacteria and eliminating toxins, as well as improving acne marks.

How does the Modes work?

1. Fitness Mode(EMS) Micro current takes effect in muscle layer, exercises muscle movement, and builds tight and attractive muscle lines.

2. Body Shaping Mode(SLIM) Medium frequency current in the device is used to facilitate skin to absorb deeply and burn fact in the body.

3. Radio Frequency Mode(RF) Radio frequency promotes skin circulation gently and firmly, enhances tightness and elasticity of skin, maintains skin to be in the optimum condition, and thus restores glow and vitality of skin.

4. Combination Mode (SLIM+RF) Medium frequency current in the device is used, combined with RF radio frequency technology, to accelerate burning fat in the body, and in the mean time, promote skin circulation, enabling skin to be tighter and smoother.

Please Note:

1. This product is not suitable for positions of face, head and heart.

2. Each mode can only be used once per day. It is recommend the four modes being operated once successively.

3. It will start standby mode after 9 minutes, and it will automatically shut off after 1 minute of no-operation.

4. The product adopts micro-current ion technology, and slight current sense is normal phenomenon, please rest assured to use.

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